About The Journal

Oncology Online Journal is international, peer-reviewed, open access, mega-journal. It is a mega medical journal established to address research investigations and clinical approach in the Cancer biology and cancer studies which is a global threat. Cancer is a disease condition where we can see a normal cell undergoes limitless cell divisions with abnormal cell growth that begins due to genetic changes or any foreign body invasions like bacteria, virus or any harmful antigens. Depending upon the origin of cell or tissues from where they begin, they can be classified into various types. Sarcoma, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancers are more predominant among them.

The journal strives to be the world’s premier mega open access journal for modern medical science innovations and immunotherapeutics such as targeted hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and precise medicine. The open access model of the journal allows all our viewers and aspirants to access to its content freely without any financial restriction, however, our authors will retain the copyrights of their work under the license of Creative Commons Attribution License.