Instructions for Authors

General Guidelines:

Oncology Online Journal accepts the documents which are prepared in English language only. All the components of the manuscript such as Abstract, Body Text, Figures, Tables, References, Supplementary data (if any), etc. should be in a single document (preferably MS Word) only. The manuscript should be documented as instructed in the “Page Setup Guidelines” section of this page.

Author Responsibilities:

Submission of a manuscript to the Oncology Online Journal directly implies that the authors have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the journal and its guidelines. Authors need to be aware that, all the Oncology Online Journal are Open Access and the content present in the manuscript after publication will be freely available to all the potential readers over the Internet for noncommercial use. The submitted manuscript should not breach any existing copy rights or third party policies. Authors also should note that the manuscripts which are submitted elsewhere will not be reviewed or published by Oncology Online Journal. Manuscripts with plagiarized content will not be considered for peer-review process.

Peer-Review Process:

Oncology Online Journal follows rigorous peer-review process to evaluate the quality and worth of the manuscripts to be published in our journals. Expertized editorial team with the assistance of external reviewers will perform the successful review process to meet the international standards.

Article Types:

Oncology Online Journal publish articles comes in to the following categories but not limited to:

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Preparation of Figures:


An Email along with the link directing to the proof in PDF format, which can be freely downloaded, would be sent to the corresponding author. Once the PDF is downloaded, the corrections need to be sent back to the concerned managing editor within 3 days. An Email notification needs to be sent if the article correction process would be delayed. Authors facing a challenge to make any corrections to the electronic copy may consider taking a printout and making the changes on the hard copy.


Copyright will be given to the first author of the published manuscript.

Disclosure Policy:

Disclosure statements of all the co-authors need to be sent at the time of submission. Manuscripts submitted without the disclosure statement will be considered incomplete and may not be considered to be reviewed.


Reprints would be available 2 weeks after the publication of the article in the concerned journal. For information and price, contact by sending an Email to the editor at